3 Characteristics of a Good Vehicle Wrap Design

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At ProDezigns, our talented designers work with you to ensure your vehicle wrap becomes an effective tool for marketing your business. Here are a few characteristics you’ll want to incorporate into the concept for your Missouri custom vehicle wrap.

1. Proper Branding.

When designing a vehicle wrap, branding should be top of mind. You may have some great idea for a really awesome image, but if people don’t associate those graphics with your business, they aren’t going to remember you. Make sure that your vehicle wrap is easily identifiable with your business, whether through your logo, company name and/or slogan. Your vehicle wrap should be consistent with all your other marketing materials so that consumers aren’t confused about your brand. Keep the color scheme the same, the logo the same, fonts the same, etc.

2. Easy-to-Discern Messaging.

Determine the goal or your vehicle wrap. Do you want to drive more traffic to your storefront? Do you want people to pick up the phone and call you? Do you want them to visit your website? Make sure the message you are sending to your clients is clear and easy to understand. Not only do you want them to know who you are and what you do, but you want them to act on it. Be sure to include an address, phone number and/or website address so prospective customers know how to reach you. Just don’t get carried away on the text, as people only have a few seconds to read and interpret your message when you’re driving down the highway.

3. Simple, Unique Design.

The auto advertising industry is growing fast. You’re seeing more and more vehicles with graphics on the road. Make your message stand out, but not in a busy, over-crowded way. Keep your design simple, again people only have a few seconds to view it and absorb it. Make sure it’s legible and your message doesn’t get lost in visual noise. By eliminating fills, noisy backgrounds and excess photos, you’ll have a design that both stands out and is visually pleasing to the eye. ProDezigns is here to help you get maximum marketing results through custom vehicle graphics at the Lake of the Ozarks. We work closely with you to create a custom promotional solution that meets your unique business needs and goals. From cars and vans to trucks and more, we can wrap it all. Contact us today at 573-392-0500 to get started on your vehicle wrap design today!

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