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Pro DeZigns offers custom vinyl boat wrap services to clients at the Lake of the Ozarks and beyond. We have you covered, whether your goal is to promote a business or change your boat’s look with new custom designs or color.

Full Boat Wraps

With our professional installation, full boat wraps will never damage your paint. In fact, vinyl boat wraps work like SPF; they protect your underlying paint from UV damage as well as minor scratches. These cost-effective wraps protect and customize the look and feel of your marine vessel.

Our team has the experience to provide individualized advice on how to care for your vinyl boat wrap based on where you float and how often you use your watercraft. Depending on your salinity and storage conditions, boat wraps can keep their look for five to seven years, or longer.

Vinyl Boat Wraps Vs. Paint

When you’re cruising around Lake of the Ozarks keep all eyes on you with a full hull of visuals. A full-vinyl boat wrap is similar to a land vehicle wrap, only with a couple extra steps. Cheaper and less time consuming compared to a new paint job, vinyl wraps can give your old boat a whole new life.

Boat vinyl wraps have an easy on and easy off appeal that paint cannot compete with. Compared to paint, vinyl wraps have greater:

  • Durability
  • Customization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Environmental safety
  • Fast installation
  • Long–term value

We have your interiors covered too. Interior vinyl wraps give your boat another level of dimension. Interior boat wraps are especially great for fishing water vehicles because the vinyl is easy to clean.

poly lift boat wrap

Boat Decals

A boat graphic is the perfect punch for those not ready to commit to a full-vinyl boat wrap. Your logo on your vessel, jet ski, or other marine vehicle will still turn heads.

A boat decal is a more budget-friendly option and perfect for shorter commitments. Decals can be as large as desired too!

Vinyl decals and detailing are a unique way to add interior and exterior personality to your boat. Vinyl striping, race boat striping, vinyl accents, or a custom graphic–these touches will elevate your boat off sea level.

Want More Than a Decal?

At Pro DeZigns we can do a partial boat wrap on any section of your boat. Common partial wraps are front to back or both sides of a boat

Partial vinyl wraps add accents to your vessel without covering the entire hull. You can add designs, your boat’s nickname, or your company’s logo while leaving the rest of the boat unwrapped.

Don’t forget your windows! We can help you make a strong statement on glass while maintaining visibility with perforated window film.

red yellow orange boat wrap

Vinyl Wrap as an Art Form

We know your boat is a big investment. At Pro DeZigns, we take every precaution not to damage your boat. Because we consider our wrapping process an artform, we use premium products and techniques for each project.

Starting with our design process, our graphic designers consider your brand and preferences. During installation, we use specialized tools instead of sharp knives to protect the integrity of your boat.

We use Kevlar filament to cut our wraps. Kevlar filament is a tough, lightweight material that is used to cut the vinyl instead of cutting against the paint on your boat.

Our Process

Boat wraps have an installation process similar to land vehicle wraps with a few extra steps.

The process includes adding adhesive primers, edge sealers, and proper overlap on seams at the front and rear of the boat. The overlap ensures that your vinyl boat wrap can withstand directional pulling from the water.

Vinyl Boat Wrap Preparation

A wrap is only as good as the surface it is installed on. We recommend making all necessary repairs to your boat’s gel coat. This includes filling deep scratches and gouges and removing old vinyl. A smooth, finished surface will give you the best look and longevity for your new wrap.

At Pro DeZigns, we know your boat is a big investment. We take every precaution not to damage the boat’s finish during installation. You can trust us to deliver your investment in the exact condition you brought it, only way cooler after its custom wraps.

Ready to Make A Statement

Make a lasting, positive impact on the water to stir your audience in your direction.

Contact us today to learn more about our boat wrapping services or for any additional information.

Boat Wraps Gallery

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