Missouri’s Boat Wrap Specialists

Pro Dezigns offers custom boat wrap services to clients in the Lake of the Ozarks area and beyond. This offers a truly unique design, whether you want to promote a business, or change the look with new custom designs or color.

Boat wraps are installed a lot like vehicle wraps, but with a few extra steps. These extra steps, including adding adhesive primers, edge sealers and proper overlap on seams at the front and rear of the boat, ensure that the wrap can withstand directional pulling from the water.

A wrap is only as good as the surface it is installed on, so we recommend making necessary repairs to the gel coat. This includes filling deep scratches and gouges, and removing old vinyl. This will ensure you get the best look, and longevity, for your new wrap

At Pro Dezigns, we know your boat is a big investment. We take every precaution to not damage the boat’s finish during installation. We use Kevlar filament to cut the wrap, as well as other specialized tools, instead of sharp knives that might permanently damage your boat. You can trust us to deliver your investment in the exact condition you brought it, only way cooler after its custom wrap!

To learn more about our boat wrapping services, or for any additional information, contact us today!

Boat Wraps Gallery

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