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Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to your business’s logo, it may be worth even more. Creative and eye-catching logo design can create a perception of quality about your business in your customer’s mind, leaving an impression that truly sticks. The next time a customer is thinking of making a purchase, your logo is the image that leaps from the back of their minds.

Ask yourself if your current logo is bland, nondescript, or hard to read. And most importantly, does it tell your story?

When done well, the perfect company logo becomes synonymous with a company’s story as well as their product or service. Your logo should be convincing your customers why they should choose you over your competitors, not glazing their eyes over.

Pro DeZigns is proud to offer our clients top quality custom logo designs. As a local business ourselves, we recognize the importance of establishing a clear brand identity to stand out from the crowd. We’ve been helping Missouri businesses impact and engage their customers for over a decade.

Now, let us help you.

Branding Design with Impact

Your business must compete for attention and credibility. Now more than ever, you must build your image through multiple visuals. Gone are the days of reaching your potential customers through simple ads in the yellow pages. Whether your audience is driving down the highway, walking by your brick and mortar business, or surfing online, you want the type of logo that functions well across multiple platforms.

The ways Pro DeZigns competes goes way beyond the traditional methods. Years of work with small- and large-scale, multi-dimensional designs have fine-tuned our approach to fit the needs of any business. When we design custom graphics, we create unique logos that work, regardless of scale or medium.
How can we guarantee that?

Because we have years of experience to prove it! Our past experience includes vehicle wraps, custom wall graphics, window wraps, canopy wraps, tanker wraps, and everything in between. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered — literally!

Whether your logo winds up on social media or on the side of your fleet vehicle, our designers will ensure it makes the head-turning impact you’re looking for.

Bad Apple Logo Branding - Pro DeZigns

Expert Graphic Design

When you come to us to create a logo, you come to the experts. Our roster of certified staff is qualified and experienced to handle your project from concept to design and execution with the level of quality you’ve come to expect. Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or simply requesting a branding refresh, we can handle every part of the branding process.


Our design process is a collaborative experience. To ensure your logo properly conveys your story, we make sure you have input in the process. What’s more, when the rubber meets the road our staff of designers boasts the understanding of logo design that only comes from years of experience. We understand the complexity of logo design and are nationally recognized in our industry for delivering high impact marketing solutions for our clients.

Pokin Suckers logo
Drinkard Construction Logo Design


In addition to the quality and experience of our staff themselves, Pro DeZigns uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your design is of the utmost quality. Color management and image processing software allows us to offer the most comprehensive finished graphics warranty in the industry.

We can guarantee that your logo will not only catch eyes but will stand the test of time.


The process doesn’t end with a vector file. When you’re happy with your logo, Pro Dezigns can help you implement your branding strategy! Show off your new look with a custom window wrap, or reap the benefits of mobile advertising with a brand new vehicle wrap for your company vehicle.

Whatever the case, our commitment to your business’s marketing goals extends beyond graphic design. We’re ready to help you turn heads.

Barklage Motor Sales Logo Redesign

Ready to Make a Statement

Make a lasting, positive impact with your brand.

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