Don’t Rent Your Advertising, Own It with Pro DeZigns Tanker Wraps!

Businesses rent billboards along major roadways in hopes of engaging potential new customers, but a billboard is stationary. A well-designed tanker wrap receives visual branding results that a billboard cannot. And the best part? It’s mobile! Mobile billboards are statistically offer a better return on your investment. Think about it. How far do your tankers travel? How many cities and communities do the tankers visit? The possibilities are endless with Pro Dezigns tanker wraps!

Our professional team can install your full tanker wrap in as little as two days, minimizing your company’s downtime for each tanker. Transport tanker wraps spruce up your fleet and earn market shares for your company. Your mobile billboard builds branding awareness in every city the tanker travels through and every station where they fuel up. Just think about what a billboard would cost in some of these locations, if it were even possible to get one.

Carter Energy Tanker Wrap
Our Professional team can install your full tank wrap in as little as 2 days, minimizing your company's downtime!
World Fuel Services Tanker Wrap

Partial Tanker Wraps are Budget Conscious

Want to make a big statement on the road, but your marketing budget is on the smaller side? Partial tanker wraps are a great way to maintain your budget while still making a BIG impression. We have several options to fit almost every budget.

Our design team is knowledgeable and strategic. They know what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to your partial tanker wrap. Let our team of graphic designers build a design that demands attention while staying within your budget.

Customized for You

Tanker Wraps are Easy to Maintain and They Protect Your Investment, Too!

Save time and money with tanker wraps by keeping your fleet looking professional and sharp. A wrapped tank is much easier to keep clean than aluminum, maintaining your look and branding throughout your travels. Think of your tanker wrap as a protective barrier from the elements. No sun, rain, sleet, or snow will touch your aluminum tanker, prolonging its durability and shine, which in turn will slow down your tanker’s inevitable depreciation over time.

Get More Bang for Your Buck With a Well-designed Tanker Wrap

Fleet advertisements are 15 times more effective in creating brand recognition than any other form of advertising, improving brand awareness and boosting a company’s reputation. According to the American Trucking Association, 75% of audiences develop impressions about the advertised brand and offering from a vehicle’s graphics; 98% of audiences said vehicle graphics create a positive image for a company; 91% of audiences can notice text and graphics on truck wraps on the road, and 29% said they would make a purchase based on the vehicle advertisement they saw. Can you afford to not wrap your tanker?

Tanker Wraps Gallery

Want to see more images of our tanker wraps? Visit the tanker wraps gallery page.

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