What to Consider when Optimizing Your Glass Storefront

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Unlike books, businesses may be judged only by their cover. Storefronts give passersby their first impression of a business before even stepping through the front door. If a business – especially a restaurant or café – looks ugly, cheap, or poorly designed, potential customers are likely to pass by and continue on to more known establishments.

While you may be aware of the powerful potential of a custom vinyl wrap, you may not be aware of how to harvest that potential. While there are thousands of vinyl wrap design options, there are a few that stand out as best options when creating a storefront.

Here are three tips to consider when maximizing your storefront with custom vinyl wraps:


Colors have an impact on everything we see because colors are directly linked to emotions.

The colors in your brand, which you will likely use for your storefront, will impact the way your customers feel when interacting with or simply viewing your storefront. Do you know what the colors of your brand are communicating to your customers and potential customers?

Below are some commonly used branding and marketing colors and their common meanings.

  • Red is the color of energy. It is attention grabbing and powerful. Red is the first color our eyes are drawn to.
  • Orange is the color of encouragement. It sparks creativity and adventure. It’s a great color to use for restaurants and entertainment.
  • Yellow is connected to optimism. This color conveys youthfulness and happiness.
  • Blue is associated with trustworthiness. Blue is used to reduce stress and create order.

If you want more information about brand colors, talk to our design team or read our branding basics blog.

Stay Branded

A thoughtful storefront is a huge branding opportunity for your business. An image of your storefront is what will appear on review sites like Yelp and on search engine result pages when people look up your business online.

Set expectations by establishing who you are before your customers walk through the door. Smart decal placement can highlight your business’s success on review sites or local and national competition awards and recognition.

Vinyl wraps don’t have to be big and loud. Custom graphics can aide the most minimal of branding.

Perforated window graphics

Block the sun without losing sight of your customers. Perforated window graphics will give you the attention-grabbing benefits of vinyl wraps without blocking potential customers from the inside of your store as they get closer. It’s the best of both worlds.

Whether your storefront is made of tinted, frosted, colored, or transparent windows, these considerations will be taken into account. Let your vinyl wrap provider know the color and texture of your glass in order to ensure proper adjustments are made.

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