Custom Vinyl

Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl vehicle wraps are a form of visual branding. Pro DeZigns’ award-winning graphic designers work closely with you to create a truly custom product that meets your unique marketing needs.

We use premium ink and 3M vinyl for our wraps, which meets the highest standards in the industry. Each vinyl wrap has a strong adhesive backing to secure the design firmly and safely onto your vehicle.

We treat our vehicle wraps like a fine art. Call or stop by our office to get to know our team and let the Pro Dezigns team can get to know your products and/or services.

Whether on a car or truck, our graphic designers have the creativity and the skill set to create your dream custom vehicle wrap.

Call our designers today to learn more about why you should consider Pro DeZigns’ vehicle wrap service, to find out more about the process and pricing, or to get started on your project.

Custom truck wrap

Make A Statement

Whether your business is in a small town or a larger metropolis, vehicle wraps are the most effective form of outdoor advertising.

There are 2.25 million cars registered in the State of Missouri alone. Think of each car you pass throughout your daily route. Each one of those cars will have at least one set of eyes on your business.

A vehicle wrap brings your business’s message to the driver’s level into a captive environment, especially during traffic stops and traffic jams. Get on the top of your potential customer’s mind before they even know they need your business. When the time comes, they will know who to call.

One Time Investment, Long Term Results 
Pick-up truck wrap

If you purchase a billboard, you will not only pay for the photo advertising your business, but you will pay monthly for the space it occupies.

Physical billboards are generally less expensive than digital boards and cost between $250 and $14,000 per month depending on the market. Digital billboards cost from $1,200 to over $15,000 per month.

On average, a full vehicle wrap costs less than a month of billboard advertising, receives a higher impression rate, and lasts for five years.

If You Can Think It, We Can Wrap It.

Jim, Pro DeZigns founder and owner, hatched his business idea during his car racing career. Jim was unable to find a professional and skillful vinyl wrapping service. His wife, Jen, lead the charge to complete the wrap on their own.

Luckily, Jim has taken care of this problem for every other business. His team can turn your most outrageous ideas into reality.

Call our designers today to learn more about why you should consider Pro DeZigns’ vehicle wrap service, to find out more about the process and pricing, or to get started on your project.

Recent Study by the

American Trucking Association

  • 91% of potential customers read the words and pictures on vehicle graphics and wraps.
  • 75% of potential customers develop a first impression of a business through their vehicle graphics and wraps.
  • 29% of potential customers’ buying decisions are influenced by vehicle graphics and wraps impressions.
tiger-shark wrapped vehicle

Specialized Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design ensures that your business gets the personal attention it needs to create its best reflection.

Our graphic designer, Bob, has worked with Pro DeZigns for over 10 years. Our graphic designer, Andy, has worked with Pro DeZigns since his graduation from Missouri State University four years ago.

Three Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps are Better than a Billboard!


  • Vehicle wrap advertising offers the greatest returns on investment compared to any other form of advertising. Vehicle graphics generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day from one vehicle!
  • Unlike other forms of advertising, a vehicle wrap is a one-time investment that pays for itself over and over for five plus years!
  • Whether you’re stuck in traffic on Missouri Blvd. or parked at the Columbia or Jefferson City shopping mall or servicing a client in Lake of the Ozarks, your vehicle is advertising for you everywhere you go! Start spreading the word!


Let the marketing experts at Pro DeZigns help create a GRAND visual impression for your company, service or product, that drives business right to your door. Our Award winning designers have created 100’s of engaging designs for vehicle wraps, helping many business gain new recognition!


When you consider the options, vehicle wraps are a great investment and a great way to increase awareness of your company!


Your business’ advertisement moves where your potential customers are. Advertise your business or service to potential customers, wherever they are, 24/7!


Have a sign in a location, that by any other means would be impossible or too costly!

Vehicle Wraps Gallery

Want to see more images of our vehicle wraps? Check them out to the right, or visit the vehicle gallery page.