If you talk to customers of ProDezigns, you’ll hear that their business grew after getting their vehicle wrapped. You’ll hear stories about how people stopped them to ask about the wrap and the business. There’s no denying that vehicle wraps get noticed, but it can be difficult to determine an average return on investment for auto advertising in Missouri. Today’s blog discusses 3 things that can help you measure return on investment for your vehicle wrap.

1. Create a Separate Phone Number on Your Wrap for Tracking.

For many businesses, the goal of their vehicle wrap is to get people to pick up the phone and call them. They want to get enough attention from the graphics that the phone starts ringing. How do you determine if those calls are coming from people who saw your wrap though? While you could ask the customer how they heard about you, a great way to track it is to create a separate phone number that’s used just on your vehicle wrap. Then you can easily track how many calls are coming in to that number each month.

2. Advertise a Special Discount on Your Wrap.

Consider offering a special discount on your vehicle wrap, something to get people that see your vehicle wrap to call or stop in to take advantage of such a great deal. You’ll be able to track the number of customers that receive that discount and use those numbers to help you determine the return on investment from your vehicle wrap.

3. Create a Separate Landing Page on Your Website.

You can easily track how many hits you get on a page of your website. If you have an e-commerce business, you can easily see how many people click through that page to your site to start shopping. You can also add a box during the online checkout process to ask people how they heard about you. By keeping track of how many potential customers saw your vehicle wrap, you can easily see the return on investment.

While vehicle wrap advertising comes with a somewhat large upfront price tag, the benefits lasts for 3-5 years! You won’t find another form of advertising that generates as many impressions and keeps on growing your business for that long without putting more money into it. Talk to our talented designers to start designing your custom vehicle wrap at the Lake of the Ozarks today. Contact Missouri’s best wrap shop at 573-392-0500.