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What should my investment in a vehicle wrap be?

What should my investment in a vehicle wrap be?

The question that we hear the most when taking a call from a prospective client more often than not is, how much is it to wrap my vehicle? Now we understand that price is a critical topic when it comes to investing in some form of advertising. On average, the typical types of advertising have

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Don’t Infect Your Business, Inject Your Business!

These are unprecedented times. We’ve encountered challenges that have tried our societal mettle before, such as 2008’s economic downturn or the aftermath of 9-11. But financial crises have happened before, and the terrorist attacks, while very tragic, were not life-threatening after they have run their course. The coronavirus (aka CovID-19) is challenging us in unforeseen

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Five Tips to Consider When Wrapping Your Company Vehicle

Check out our Pinterest board for more unique vehicle wrap ideas.  When it comes to vehicle wraps, the graphics or text draw interest from passing drivers. Your business information can be shared in an instant with thousands. And the best part? You don’t have to pay someone to “host” your message. You own it!  Here

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Three Ingenious Ways to Increase Your ROI on a Vehicle Wrap

In business, there’s no scarier term than “sunk cost.” When your money is on the line, you want to do everything in your power to make sure the return on your investment is realized. Vehicle wraps are no different than any other investment. We’ve written extensively on why vehicle wraps are worth the price. For

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