Wall graphics can easily turn a boring room into something amazing! They can be used to draw customers into a certain area of the store, offer relevant information about products or services or just make a room look really awesome. Whether you’re looking for promotional wall graphics or just want to add some life to a room, ProDezigns has you covered. Keep reading for a few tips on designing your vinyl wall graphics at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1. Pick the Perfect Imagery.

Think about why you want to display a certain image in your office, store, etc. Does the graphic fit your mission statement or enhance your tagline? Does it offer a clear call to action? For example, a recycling company might choose imagery that communicates protecting the earth & it’s natural resources. An investment firm might choose graphics that encourage people to open an account and start saving money. If you own a sports bar, maybe you want the wall art to look like a crowded stadium. With so many graphics options available, it’s important that you choose something that makes sense for your company. Choosing a random image just because you like it could end up confusing your customers.

2. Choose the Right Placement. 

Wall graphics can grab the attention of a variety of people. While some wall wraps may be designed to grab the attention of your customers, others may be aimed at educating your workforce. If your goal is to reach your employees with the message in your wall graphics, good placement might be in the break room. If you want to reach customers and prospective customers, you might consider placement in the lobby or a conference room. A progressive mural that spells out the history of your company appeals to both audiences and might be well placed in a hallway. 

3. Avoid Too Much Text.

How much text is too much text? Think about the time that the prospective viewer might spend in the area where the wall graphics will be. Do they have time to stand/sit there and read a bunch of text? In most cases, less is more when it comes to text on your wall wrap. If you feel the need to write a lengthy call to action, then the image you chose isn’t doing it’s job. Keep your call to action short and sweet, and let the image to the talking.

4. Target Your Market.

What is your target demographic? If you’re looking to appeal to an older generation, a loud and bold wall wrap might not be the best option. However, if you’re targeting a younger demographic, those bright colors and bold images would be great to grab their attention. Is there a certain profession or type of person that you want to target? You want to make sure your wall graphics appeal to the people you’re looking to reach. The goal is for the wall graphics to attract the type of customers that are best for your industry.

5. Make the Graphics Relevant.

The great thing about wall graphics is that they are removable, just like with our Missouri custom vehicle wraps. If you’re promotion changes or something else happens that makes the graphics irrelevant, you an take the wall wrap down and replace it with something new. You also don’t have to wrap an entire wall; we offer partial wall wraps just like we do with our vehicle wraps. Make sure that your wall graphics aren’t outdated, otherwise customers might wonder what else about your business is outdated.