Here at ProDezigns, we may be known for our vehicle wraps, but we also love customizing your unique items. Our talented designers are great at creating custom graphics for just about anything from table tops and elevator doors to helmets and prosthetic legs. Today’s blog from Missouri’s best wrap shop focuses on some of those rather interesting items we’ve had the pleasure of wrapping in vinyl!

Wraps for Branding Your Business

Have an item you want branded with your business logo, slogan, etc? Our vinyl wraps can be used on pretty much everything from vehicles and table tops to storefront windows, tumblers and more! We’ll work with you to create a custom promotional solution that meets your business’ marketing needs. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve done for other businesses in the past:

Personal Wraps

Even if you’re not looking to promote a business, we can help you with a custom look for just about anything. Make your stuff stand out with custom graphics from ProDezigns! We’ve had the pleasure of wrapping helmets, prosthetic legs, drum sets and more! Take a look at some of these unique projects below:

Have something unique you want wrapped? Give us a call at 573-392-0500 and we’ll discuss your ideas! Our talented designers are up for a challenge. Whether you’re looking to grow your business through a unique advertising avenue or you just want to show off your personal style, we’ll turn your vision into a reality with our Missouri custom vinyl graphics!