Vehicle wraps aren’t just for your typical cars and trucks; they come in all shapes and sizes. Large tanker trucks, tractor trailers and RVs can all be wrapped as well. Today’s blog focuses on several of the over-sized wraps we have created here at Missouri’s best vehicle wrap shop.

Extra Large Vehicle Wraps

You may think your company vehicle is too large to wrap? Not true! ProDezigns is up for the challenge! Just like with regular sized vehicles, custom graphics on large automobiles can provide maximum marketing results. Wrapping an over-sized vehicle makes your marketing message that much bigger! People can’t help but notice eye-catching graphics moving past them on the roadways, and that is even more true for those extra large vehicles like tanker trucks and tractor trailers. Take a look at some of the over-sized wrap jobs we’ve recently completed:

Benefits of Extra Large Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective and cost efficient forms of branding & advertising available. This applies to over-sized vehicle graphics as well. The benefits of vehicle wraps can be replicated across the board from small car wraps to extra large tanker wraps. While the graphics are larger and therefore require more material, the cost per thousand impressions is still extremely low compared to other forms of advertising. Your message is sure to be seen when it’s cruising by on a semi-truck!

ProDezigns Custom Vehicle Wraps

Whether you have a small car or a large tanker truck, ProDezigns has all your Missouri custom vehicle graphics needs covered. Our talented designers are ready to work with you to create a custom promotional solution that fits the needs of your business. We are here to help you get marketing results on a larger scale, through Missouri semi-truck wraps, tanker wraps and more. For more information or to get started today, give us a call at 573-392-050