Pro DeZigns founder, Jim, started his business to provide professional, creative, and quality vehicle wraps.

During Jim’s racing career, he was disappointed in the professionalism and quality of vehicle wraps available. Sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And that is exactly what Jim and his wife Jen set out to do.

Jim’s racecar grabbed so much attention that the pair started to wrap other vehicles. For a while, the side hustle funded Jim’s racing hobby. (Yes, you can ask Jim about his racer alter ego.). But it was clear there was more to achieve than racing. In 2005, Pro DeZigns started as a full-fledged business.

While Pro DeZigns has expanded their business to wrap just about anything, our core business focuses on quality vinyl vehicle wraps.

We value our customers’ experience, so we have put together the four constants of our vehicle wrapping process. Now you’ll know what you’re getting into every time.

The Four Steps of a Vehicle Wrap

  1. Call or visit us online or in person to request a quote on your vehicle. We will collect your vehicle’s make, model, and year as well as information about your business or idea.
  2. We will fill out a creative brief that answers the following questions: What is your business? What does your business provide? What contact information should be included on the wrap for future customers to use? Once the questions are answered, we will know your business and industry a bit better. We can then help you put your ducks in row, so that you will get the most out of your vehicle wrap.
  3. Three rounds of editing and revisions are included with each vehicle wrap. Additional revisions are available, if needed. We will work with you to spread your vision.
  4. The vehicle is wrapped! If you drop your vehicle off at noon on Monday, you can expect to pick it up on Wednesday at close. Pick up your vehicle and drive off knowing you received the best quality wrap and service.

If you’re ready to jump start your business with a vehicle wrap, request a quote online (link:, call Pro DeZigns, 573-392-0500, or visit us at 36 Scrivner Rd., Eldon, MO 65206