When choosing how to market your business, there are a lot of advertising avenues to compare. In today’s blog, we offer a few reasons why a Missouri vehicle wrap is better than a billboard. When it comes to promoting your business, ProDezigns has you covered!

1. Vehicle Wraps are Mobile.

Billboards are stationary; therefore, you can only reach the audience that chooses to drive the route where your billboard is placed. Some locations are better than others, but that placement is also reflected in the price you pay each month for that billboard. A vehicle wrap on the other hand, is mobile! You can take that advertisement with you anywhere, reaching unique markets that couldn’t be reached by that stationary billboard. When you choose auto advertising over a billboard, your message is not restricted to once single location. Grab the attention of new prospective customers each time you turn down a new road!

2. You Own Your Vehicle Wrap.

Many forms of advertising, particularly billboards, are rented space. You don’t own the actual billboard, but rather are renting the space. When you choose to stop paying that rent, your advertising ability goes away. When you choose to get your vehicle wrapped, you own the vehicle and vehicle wrap. You pay one price upfront, and then you have a moving billboard that keeps working for you year after year, with no monthly fees or restrictions. You own it and you control it!

3. Vehicle Wraps Can Target Specific Audiences.

When using a billboard for advertising, the only audience you can target is the one that drives past that billboard. You have no way of really knowing if those people are within your target market or not. With a vehicle wrap, you can get very specific with who you want to target. If your target market is college students, drive your wrapped vehicle around college campuses or through neighborhoods near the college or university. If your target market is sports fanatics, drive your wrapped vehicle around stadiums and/or sports bars. You can drive your message right into whatever target market you’re wanting your message to reach!

If you’re ready to start getting maximum marketing results, contact ProDezigns at 573-392-0500. Our talented designers are ready to help you create the perfect custom vehicle wrap at the Lake of the Ozarks. Get ready to drive your marketing to the next level with custom graphics from Missouri’s best vehicle wrap shop!