Vehicle wrapping technology isn’t new. In fact, the practice has been developing since the first vehicle hit the pavement.

In the 19th century, people painted their cars with advertisements for various businesses or for their own personal flair. Eventually, the idea of painting cars became popular with taxis.

In the late 1950s, vinyl chloride entered the market changing everything the world knew about vehicle wrapping. Vinyl chloride was accidentally developed by the Goodrich Corporation in 1926. Vinyl is a plastic-like material that can be firm or flexible, thick or thin, and can come in any color you can imagine. Vinyl’s flexibility made it a must have for many businesses and products.

Vinyl changed the vehicle wrapping game to what it is today. At first, only large corporations and the government could afford the flexible material, but by the 1980s, it was accessible for mid-sized companies. However, it did not gain its current popularity for a few more decades.

Advantages of Vinyl:

  • A fast and affordable alternative to a new paint job
  • Ability to wrap the entire vehicle
  • Self-adhesive
  • Proven durability for both the car’s paint and the vinyl’s lifespan
  • Easily removeable to change designs

Vinyl vehicle wrapping has quickly advanced over the last 20 years. By the 1990s, new technologies emerged that allowed printing on vinyl with wide format electrostatic printers. As the 21st century began, startup companies were able to afford wraps. Today, vinyl vehicle wraps are quickly taking over for both die-cut lettering and custom paint jobs.

Vehicle Wrapping Marketing

Today, vehicle wrapping is closely associated with marketing. Before vehicles were on the road, trains were the number one spot for businesses to promote their product. As plastics, inkjet printers, and design software continue to develop, the possibilities seem endless for where vehicle wraps could go.

Vehicle wrapping is a no brainer for advertising. Not everyone will read a magazine, watch TV, or go online, but almost everyone will be in a car at some point during their day. Bring your business to them.