Cost of a Vehicle Wrap vs. Paint

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You have enough normal vehicle maintenance to worry about without the additional stress of cosmetic issues. A custom vinyl vehicle wrap sounds like a luxury, but compared to traditional paint job, it may be the ultimate vehicle maintenance hack.


Besides the obvious hallmark of vinyl wraps (hello, customization!), there are some major perks to a vehicle wrap job.

Vinyl wraps will not affect your vehicle’s resale value. If anything, wraps will increase your car’s resale value by protecting the exterior of your vehicle. Wraps are easily removable and replaceable and are available for any vehicle. Plus, unlike paint, wraps can extend to your windows, giving you temporarily tinted windows with a fresh design.

If you drop your car off with Pro DeZigns on a Monday, you can pick up it up on Wednesday. Adding or making changes to a Vinyl wrap is easy-breezy. While paint will require up to three weeks of additional work, a vinyl wrap can be adjusted in an afternoon.


Nothing lasts forever.

Repainting a car can take anywhere from three days to three weeks.

Paint is dependent upon multiple environmental factors including:

  • UV exposure
  • Atmospheric chemicals
  • Garaging conditions

These conditions can result in:

  • Rust
  • Fading
  • Rough patches
  • Clear coat failure

Your paint won’t last indefinitely; nothing does. It’s not necessarily a manufacturing defect if the paint starts to wear after 10 years. That almost certainly comes under normal wear and tear.

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