One of our proudest company highlights is our 3M certification. 3M is the industry leader in vinyl and overall graphics installation. Not only are we 3M certified, but we have risen to the top 3% of all 3M installers in the U.S.

Our certification is a recognition of our commitment to the best quality product and the best practice for our customers. It ensures that we feel good about the product we deliver and that we consistently deliver for each client.

Recently, we’ve received a lot of questions about what it means to be 3M certified and what it means to us to be in the top percentage of installers.

How the 3M Certification Process Works and How It Benefits Our Customers

The 3M MCS program is only open to graphics manufacturers who use 3M’s screen print or digital inks, as well as 3M films, clears, overlaminates, and application tape. Our certification process started with an application to the United Application Standards Group (UASG).

The certification process includes customer reference checks, in-depth site interviews and check-ins, and our installers successfully passing the 3M hands-on testing at the 3M Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. To maintain our certification, we take part in yearly tests and check-ins.

The initial certification process includes training lead by 3M and in-depth site visits. Each of our printers must possess the certificate in order to show that 3M has completed the audit, which must be done annually.

The 3M MCS warranty guarantees that materials, inks, and printers are combined by providers to offer the best product for the job, and then it goes a step further. Applicators are required to also pass MCS testing of best practices in adhesive vinyl graphics installation.

Our certification guarantees our customers are receiving the best available product with the best method of installation developed.